The Gentlewoman magazine featuring Margaret Atwood, on a red background next to a centimeter ruler.
Courtesy The Gentlewoman

This Mini Magazine Celebrates a Decade of The Gentlewoman

By Aileen Kwun
February 8, 2020
1 minute read

When British editor Penny Martin and the creators of BUTT and Fantastic Man launched The Gentlewoman, in 2010, it boldly introduced a new type of “women’s magazine.” Redefining notions of female aspiration and personal style altogether, The Gentlewoman features candid profiles and in-depth interviews with figures across the age, cultural, and professional spectrum—everyone from Adele and Angela Lansbury to Simone Biles and Sofia Coppola. Now in its tenth year, the biannual publication with highbrow taste and a cult following is, cheekily, celebrating the major milestone with a mini-magazine. Measuring less than 3.5 inches tall, and nearly as thick as it is wide, it’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand, though the message is no less powerful for its size. Clocking in at 580 pages, it collects all The Gentlewoman’s cover stories to date, including those printed in its earliest (and now rare and sought-after) issues. At once understated and adorable, the handheld compendium is a delightful design object in itself—an ideal gift for the discerning modern woman, print-obsessive, and/or Irma Boom fan in your life. With its sleek white cover, it makes for a playful foil to the everyman’s little black book.