The Slowdown is a culture-
forward media company
that believes the greatest
luxury is time.
The Slowdown
is a culture-
forward media
that believes
the greatest
luxury is time.

Our Mission

In a world addicted to speed, there has to be a counterbalance to the hyper-streamlined, quick-hit, dopamine-driven culture that’s so pervasive online and off. Stories well told and carefully crafted have the power to slow people down, encourage greater reflection and awareness, and foster community. Our mission is to make meaning and create impact through nuanced, in-depth storytelling.

What We Do

A collective of editors, writers, photographers, filmmakers, producers, creative directors, and strategists, we craft stories with simplicity, clarity, and beauty. We make a long-form interview podcast on the subject of time and a newsletter that goes out to 11,000+ subscribers. We also host and organize intimate live talks and events.

In collaboration with select mission-aligned companies, we provide high-level editorial direction, curation, and production. Our team helps brands tell their stories with meaning and feeling across a wide range of media, from books and publications to film and audio.

Time Sensitive

Candid, revealing long-form interviews with curious and courageous people about their life and work through the lens of time. Host Spencer Bailey speaks with leading minds on how they think about time broadly and how specific moments in time have shaped who they are today.

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Latest Episodes

The Leading Hotels of the World

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We're currently overseeing the editorial direction of a multi-volume series of books celebrating The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), to be published by the Phaidon imprint Monacelli. The first edition, Design: The Leading Hotels of the World, is now available for pre-order and comes out this fall.

Delving into LHW's rich design heritage and featuring a selection of more than 70 hotels, from the exquisite Yoshio Taniguchi-designed Okura Tokyo to the sleek, minimalist Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, the book includes a foreword by the Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Paul Goldberger; an introduction by our editor-in-chief, Spencer Bailey; and art direction by Pentagram's Michael Bierut.

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