An illustration from Night Sky featuring the Virgo constellation.
Courtesy iCandi Apps

This App Brings the Cosmos into Your Pocket

By Aileen Kwun
May 23, 2020
1 minute read

The limbo of the pandemic looms on, and as our feeds fill up with more hot takes and navel-gazing observations about life in the time of Covid-19, we’re opting to look beyond the horizon, and up into the sky, for a wider perspective—with a little help from a handy app to guide us. Night Sky is the Google Maps of stargazing apps, offering a planetarium-like experience in the palm of your hand, with features that allow you to identify, search, and explore stars, constellations, and planets, and even track satellites. The app will also notify you when the weather is ideal for stargazing, as well as send you alerts about future astronomical events, so you don’t miss out on a rare asteroid shower or comet sighting. It’s an ideal companion for exploring the wonders of space, and a welcome resource for armchair travels.