Breau on fire on a white stone.
Courtesy Costa Brazil

This Amazonian Sap Will Ease Your Mind

By Aileen Kwun
May 16, 2020
1 minute read

Breu resin, a shiny, white sap extracted from the almécega tree found in the Amazon rain forests, as well as from various regions throughout Brazil and South America, has been harvested and treasured for thousands of years by local indigenous cultures, used in healing rituals and sacred ceremonies. The aromatic Breuzinho is used to enhance focus and attain peace of mind, and is scientifically shown to have various medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, and analgesic, to name a few uses. And this is to say nothing of its incredible woodsy scent, redolent of earthy soil and crushed leaves. These days, you can find breu incense from the Brooklyn-based company Incausa, in stick form, coated in resin and sprinkled with chips of palo santo; as well as in its more natural, raw form, as a hunk of solid oleoresin from Costa Brazil, fashion designer Francisco Costa’s beauty brand, which pairs it with a ceramic tray. To enjoy the aroma, simply light the resin stone, and let it gently burn and smolder. And remember: Breathe.