A black digital alarm clock on a pink bedside table
Courtesy Loftie

This Alarm Clock Helps You Fall Asleep

Loftie’s built-in features include guided meditations, sound baths, and white noise.
By Tom Morris
January 23, 2021
1 minute read

For most of us, the urge to bring smartphones into our bedrooms is too strong to resist—even when science, and firsthand experience, attest to the habit’s harmful effects. One way to curb the temptation: Loftie, an alarm clock designed to transform sleep spaces into phone-free sanctuaries. Calibrated for the digital age, the device has a two-step alarm that subtly nods you awake, then coaxes you out of bed. But it isn’t merely concerned with mornings. The pill-shaped gadget helps users wind down with several calm-inducing features, including built-in playlists of soothing songs, sound baths, guided meditations, white noise, and a warm glow that signals when it’s time for some shut-eye. (Additional content can be added via the Loftie app.) To begin the journey to a better tech-life—or, at least, alarm-life—balance, simply place the clock on your nightstand. Oh, and leave your phone plugged in somewhere else, such as the kitchen.