3rd Ritual's Sun balm in a yellow squeeze tube, on top of a leaf and orange rind.
Courtesy 3rd Ritual

These Botanical Balms Soothe Body and Mind

3rd Ritual’s body gels, lotions, and creams provide a range of feel-good benefits.
By Aileen Kwun
October 31, 2020
1 minute read

Self-care, in times like these, is a necessary balm for both mind and body. When so many factors are pulling at our attention and stoking our anxieties, the smallest acts of TLC can help to ground us in the present—and momentarily stop fretful fingers from doom-scrolling into oblivion. We recommend, for your idle hands, a trio of treat-yourself body creams from 3rd Ritual that play on the planetary elements and impart a range of feel-good benefits. Sun, a body gel made from aloe vera and mango-seed butter, provides a cooling sensation that warms to the touch, as well as an energizing, herbaceous scent. Earth, infused with Kaolin clay, provides deep moisturization for hands and feet, while Moon, a body lotion made from a blend of 12 essential oils and moonstone extract, provides a relaxing wind-down ritual, apt for a bedtime “palm inhalation,” as suggested. Cycling through each concoction, themed from day to night, makes for a kind reminder, if not a luxurious excuse, to stay in tune with oneself—and to take in everything slowly, one day at a time.