Marbled, multicolor origami paper.
Courtesy Mile High Net Store

The Alluring Art of Origami Folding

The themed how-to kits from the Origami Paper Shop teach anyone how to crease like an expert.
By Aileen Kwun
August 29, 2020
1 minute read

So you’ve tried your hand at jigsaw puzzles and need a different indoor activity to tide your quarantine boredom over. May we suggest more analog fun with the Origami Paper Shop’s themed kits, which include detailed instructions for making all sorts of creations. Fold cats, cranes, dogs, rabbits, flowers, and more using colorful, double-sided papers that come pre-cut as perfect squares. No cuts nor glue are involved in the centuries-old art of origami, which means simply “to fold paper” in Japanese. The painstaking, slightly repetitive process of meditatively creasing and completing each geometric form provides a gratifying pastime for all ages and skill levels. And, better still, these vibrant, often patterned papers—which come in all sorts of fine aestheticized varieties, from hand–silk screened to marbled—make for motivation to put in your very best effort, lest you should waste a precious sheet.