An assortment of colorful Claus Porto soaps on their white box.
Courtesy Claus Porto

Take a Vacation With These Soaps

By Aileen Kwun
April 18, 2020
1 minute read

As most of us remain stuck indoors, the spring days passing us by, inching toward summer and conjuring attendant escapist daydreams of afternoons spent lazing on beaches and in parks, we’re finding ourselves drawn to scents that evoke luscious memories of vacations past (and those we hope to take). More than those of our other four senses, olfactory memories imprint themselves in our minds—a fact that, thankfully, we can use to imbue a special touch to our daily hand-washing or bathing routines. Lather up with Claus Porto’s handsomely wrapped and scented soaps and let your mind wander to Portugal. Or head over to Positano by way of a bottle of Eau d’Italie shower gel. Famously stocked at the spectacular, immaculate Le Sirenuse hotel, it captures the salty-citrus musk of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Cleaning up with this beautiful green Scändic farmer soap made with stone-ground grits and geranium, patchouli, and lemongrass essential oils, meanwhile, has us imagining an endless summer day in the Norwegian countryside‚ where the sun barely sets for much of June and July. We also love Binu Binu’s marble-swirled Korean Kiln Sauna Soap. Made with pine, activated charcoal, and red clay, it transports us directly to a long, relaxing day on South Korea’s Jeju Island.