Rose-colored Le Monde Beryl Venetian slippers.
Courtesy Le Monde Beryl

Slip Into These Slippers While You’re Quarantined at Home

By Aileen Kwun
May 9, 2020
1 minute read

Perhaps your new WFH commute includes spending more time in the garage or backyard; maybe your temporary “workspace” is just steps from your bed, or is, most of the time, the dining table. Whatever the setup, getting dressed into any sort of “workwear” may be feeling more optional by the day. But consider the power of the home slipper: fully functional and non-disruptive to your coziness, with plenty of styles to elevate and give structure to your Sisyphean day. Sasawashi’s room shoes, available from one of our all-time favorite shops in New York City, Nalata Nalata, are made from a soft, natural mix of paper and plant fibers that are a Platonic balance of comfort and durability. For a more out-of-the-ordinary option, the minimalist L.A.-based brand Building Block just launched a fancy upgrade to the standard terry-cloth house slipper, updated in smooth leather, and roomy enough that you won’t need to fuss over mixing up your left foot from your right. Then there are these classy yet refreshingly unostentatious velvet Venetian slippers from Le Monde Beryl (pictured), inspired by the footwear worn by gondoliers. Available in mule, slipper, and heeled variations, they might be the look that helps ease the eventual transition to city-smart kicks—or fuel a short but welcome escapist fantasy.