Photay in a black and white photograph taken in the woods, in front of a small lake.
Photo: Jack Tumen

Photay’s Motivational Playlist for 2020

By Aileen Kwun
January 11, 2020
2 minute read

New year, new grooves. Evan Shornstein, the Woodstock, New York, native behind the ambient-electronic outfit Photay, shares with us a playlist of motivational tracks to usher in good vibes for 2020. A particular surprise—for us, anyway—is the second-to-last track, Bob Dylan’s “All the Tired Horses,” from his 1970 album Self Portrait. Like us, you’ll probably have it on heavy rotation in the months ahead.

“Viderunt Omnes,” Pérotin, performed by Hilliard Ensemble

“When I was growing up, my mother played music of the Middle Ages in our house during the shorter cold winter months and holidays. I find it deeply comforting and cozy.”

“Bench,” Clark

“I was part of a big tour this past autumn. The opening DJ, PBDY, played this tune every night in each city around the continent.”

“Come Down ’68,” Lord Creator

“An all-time favorite, and a great tune to greet the day. It never fails to bring my spirits up.”

“Danado Cantador,” Fernando Falco

“The closing piece from the 1981 masterpiece Memoria Das Aquas, this track contains hypnotic sounds of the Berimbau within large, passionate arrangements.”

“All the Tired Horses,” Bob Dylan

“This track is deeply heartwarming, both alone and shared with friends.”

“Illusion,” Norma Tanega

“R.I.P. to Norma Tenega, who passed away on Dec. 29, 2019. Apparently her music career kicked off when she was discovered singing as a music counselor at a camp in the Catskill Mountains (my home!).”