The interior of a fragrance boutique, with many bottles lined up on shelves.
Photo: Sophie Arancio

Parisian Fragrance Boutique Nose Offers an “Olfactory Diagnosis”

By Aileen Kwun
January 25, 2020
1 minute read

Finding a signature scent can be a challenge—especially when shopping online. After all, perfumes not only go directly on our skin, they follow us around, setting our mood and acting as a primal greeting to those we encounter. Nose, a Parisian fragrance boutique, offers customers an online “olfactory diagnosis” to help them navigate its large library of scents. Entering a list of the last three perfumes you’ve owned, along with how long you’ve worn each, will render an “olfactory portrait,” synthesizing your preferred olfactive families, along with your favorite head, heart, and base notes. Afterward, you can order a sample kit of your top five recommendations, based on your results, for less than $12. The survey, however simplistic, is a helpful hack for modern times—and, for the lazy lover shopping for an intimate gift, a solid way to sniff out a scent the recipient will actually like.