Olivia Lopez in a yellow dress, with a black leather handbag.
The Art of Travel podcast host Olivia Lopez. (Courtesy Olivia Lopez)

Olivia Lopez’s New Podcast Shows You How to Travel Without Leaving Home

The Art of Travel podcast investigates how and why we consume experiences.
By Kathryn O’Shea-Evans
November 21, 2020
2 minute read

An international pandemic may seem like an unusual time to kick-start a podcast called The Art of Travel. But for Olivia Lopez, a Filipina fashion blogger whose pre-Covid life entailed constant globetrotting, being stuck at home is the perfect moment to talk about the psychology behind the exploration of place. “With travel on pause, it’s never felt more timely to reflect on and raise questions about the why and [the] way we consume experiences,” she says on the first episode of the podcast, which she launched over the summer. Through the project, Lopez hopes to provide a “temporary escape for listeners, while sustaining conversations on a topic that has been fundamental for many people’s self-growth and exploration.”

Each episode features an exchange between Lopez and a leading figure in hospitality, media, or design, with a focus on how curiosity can lead to delightful, soul-enhancing discoveries. Guests have included YOLO magazine founder Yolanda Edwards, who talks about an unforgettable trip to Greece; Life House Hotels founder Rami Zeidan, who discusses how to make travel more meaningful; and perfumer Frédéric Malle, who explains how to travel via the senses. The conversations have been a balm for Lopez, who, like all of us, has been missing the excitement of everyday life. “Despite our current climate,” she says, “the spirit of travel and connection to community lives on.”