Two hands mixing up Lego pieces on a white table.
Courtesy Lego

Lego’s Pleasing New “White Noise” Playlist Evokes Childlike Wonder

The company’s new soundtrack comprises songs made using only the sounds of Lego bricks and pieces.
By Tom Morris
March 13, 2021
1 minute read

The sounds of Legos poured out of a toybox, dropping to the floor, and clicking together are recognized all over the world, according to the Danish toy maker, which recently released a “White Noise” playlist. Made using only the sounds of Lego bricks and pieces, “White Noise” is a score of seven tracks made to produce calming, mindful, constructive—and, it should be said, carefree—background music after a year of turbulence. Each track lasts about 30 minutes, enough time to click out and detach. The playlist includes “Wild As The Wynd”—a pitter-pattering, drizzle-in-a-rainforest number—and the jumpity, clickety-clackety “Searching For A Brick.” “It All Clicks” is a scratchy and staccato track, while the closer, “The Night Builder,” is a minimal, spare composition that sounds like a faucet dripping while a mouse scratches beneath the sink, knocking into dishwasher tablets.

“White Noise” is a bizarre thing to listen to, but it’s also idiosyncratically addictive in its weirdness and uncanny familiarity. Triggering a comforting sense of nostalgia—a not-quite déjà vu—is another ambition of the soundtrack. Lego is currently making moves to position its play as a mindfulness activity for adults, as seen in recent “Adults Welcome” releases such as its Colosseum kit, Porsche 911, and Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium.