A diffuser from Fueguia 1833’s new collection of home fragrances.
A diffuser from Fueguia 1833’s new collection of home fragrances. Courtesy Fueguia 1833

Imaginative Home Fragrances, Created by a Former Musician

Julian Bedel recently released a diffuser, beeswax candle, and sanitizing sprays through his perfume brand, Fueguia 1833.
By Kathryn O’Shea-Evans
January 2, 2021
2 minute read

“I don’t consider myself a perfumer,” says Julian Bedel, a former musician who taught himself how to make wearable scents, and founded the Argentinian fragrance brand Fueguia 1833 in 2010. “I don’t know anything about perfume. My work is more of an artistic creation, and how I create the formulas is pure improvisation.” Being an industry outsider has boded well for the Buenos Aires native. His company has its own botanical sourcing and farming operations and purpose-built lab in Milan, and oversees everything from its bottling to its boutiques—located in Buenos Aires, Milan, New York, and Tokyo. Bedel’s scents are inspired by unexpected muses (napping whales, Charles Darwin) and incorporate equally unexpected notes, such as cactus flower, bog myrtle, and pink pepper. Muskara, one of Bedel’s favorite fragrances, has no aroma of its own; it chemically amplifies its wearer’s natural scent.

On cue for 2020, Fueguia 1833 recently released its first home collection: a diffuser (a bronze holder with porcelain reeds), a beeswax candle, and sanitizing skin and textile sprays that aim to maximize comfort within the environments we’re inhabiting now more than ever before. The diffuser and sanitizing sprays are available in any of the company’s 100 signature scents, and all three appear to have social distancing in mind: “They’re not meant to invade or fill an entire space, but rather distribute their scent in a distinct area in an intimate way,” Bedel says. To beat the winter pandemic blues, try using the entire collection at once by placing each piece in a different room, creating a transporting series of scents.