A tin of 4ever mints in peppermint flavor.
Courtesy 4evermints

Fix Your Bad Breath With These Minty Solutions

By Aileen Kwun
April 11, 2020
1 minute read

We’re entering week five of self-quarantine in many cities around the U.S., and cabin fever is setting in for many of us. Regardless of whether your living situation involves a partner, kids, roommates, pets, or some combination of the above, you’re likely cooking more than ever before, keeping to closer quarters than accustomed to—and sharing more, ahem, bodily smells than any sane person would care to. There are few factors in our control at the moment, but, at least when it comes to bad breath, you can spare your co-habitants with a tin of 4evermints, developed by a team of doctors and scientists who tout it as the strongest and longest-lasting breath mints on the market—a single, tiny 4evermint is designed to slowly dissolve in your mouth over three hours. Or, if you’re more concerned about taste, we recommend a box of heritage Wilhelmina Peppermints, named after the Dutch princess whose profile is stamped on each round tablet, like a little gulden coin. For a much-needed chill pill during stressful times, there are also a host of CBD-infused mints to refresh both your mouth and mind. You also can’t go wrong with a mint-flavored toothpaste. Try our favorite, Marvis’s Classic Strong Mint (and, for good measure, add on its Strong Mint mouthwash concentrate).