An Ojas bookshelf speaker in black and white.
Courtesy Ojas

Devon Turnbull’s D.I.Y. Speaker-Making Kits Are the Ultimate Home Audio Solution

By Aileen Kwun
May 9, 2020
2 minute read

As concerts, festivals, and group gatherings remain on hold worldwide, more or less steadily finding a place online, we increasingly feel the pull to bring live-music quality sound home. Devon Turnbull of Ojas, the bespoke hi-fi audio gear workshop that creates high-end sound systems, has been achieving this for years with his impeccable creations—and has now launched a more accessible series of flat-packed speaker-building kits for fellow audiophiles to assemble at home. While Turnbull’s custom analog speakers are known for their utilitarian aesthetic and larger-than-life presence at venues and stores such as Public Records, Supreme, and Saturdays NYC, his new kits are smaller and suitable for the home, and come with instructional videos showing how to piece the components together on your own.

A new audio setup is sure to add timbre and color to your homebound lifestyle, and we can’t recommend Ojas gear enough. Priced at cost for the rare parts (“This is a civilian relief effort,” Turnbull says), the units just rolled out this week, available for purchase on the Ojas website he developed with the help of Virgil Abloh, a friend and longtime collaborator. “I have been working tirelessly to make this project a reality,” Turnbull recently wrote on Instagram, “and that has been an amazing way of occupying my time during the lockdown. I hope you can all jump in and take a proactive role in crafting your sound wave surf craft. Let’s all build a shrine to music!”