An assortment of brightly colored Dada snack packs.
Courtesy DADA Daily

DADA Daily Makes Healthy Snacking Incredibly Appetizing

By Aileen Kwun
March 21, 2020
1 minute read

Self-quarantine and social distancing in the age of the coronavirus are not to be taken lightly, and if, like us, you’re staying put at home for the next few weeks—and we sincerely, seriously hope you are, for your own safety and for the safety of others—you may be asking yourself what to stock your pantries with. Add to cart: DADA Daily, a line of tasty and healthy snacks that are neither heavy-handedly survivalist nor overprocessed and, not to mention, an appetizing treat for the eyes. “I started DADA Daily from a desire to unite my two parallel lives that I had lived basically my whole life,” says founder Claire Oshan, a self-professed health nut who spent 16 years in the world of art and fashion. “I came out at age 32, older, wiser, and much more in tune to my adolescent dream of working in health food.” The startup offers items such as matcha latte chocolates, crispy almond brussels sprouts, and cheesy cauliflower popcorn florets that sound and taste more decadent than they are: DADA’s snacks are almost entirely vegan (some contain a bit of honey), low in sugar, and free of artificial and chemical ingredients. Whatever you choose to munch on, remember that stocking up does not mean hoarding—so don’t be that bulk-buying, toilet paper-stockpiling jerk.