A hand pouring a bottle of fragrance into a beaker.
Courtesy Floris London

Book a Scent Consultation With This 300-Year-Old Fragrance House

By Aileen Kwun
March 14, 2020
1 minute read

Everyone has a natural essence—we have our pheromones to thank for that—and scientists even consider our personal odors to be as unique as our fingerprints. Rather than mask yours with an off-the-shelf scent, certain speciality perfumeries offer the option of buying completely customized scents that you can have mixed to your individual preferences. At one of the standouts, the elegant and royal (literally—it’s been the perfumer to the Queen since 1730) London-based Floris, you can book in-person scent consultations with their team of experts for the ultimate bespoke experience. Afterwards, they’ll even archive your one-of-a-kind formula in their 300-year-old company ledgers for future refills, as well as for family members, making the pricey luxury treat (which can cost from $760 to $7,000) an instant heirloom.