Two wooden pandas—one small, one large.
Courtesy Architectmade

Bjarke Ingels’s Miniature Wooden Panda for Architectmade

By Aileen Kwun
March 14, 2020
1 minute read

From Eileen Gray and Frank Lloyd Wright to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Frank Gehry, there’s a long history of famous architects who are as well known for their furniture and product designs as their buildings. This is partly a function of furnishing their projects with an aesthetic to match, but it’s also a means to break away, if momentarily, into a perhaps more forgiving medium, of smaller and more playful scale. Proudly homing in on this tradition, the Danish company Architectmade sells a range of such objects by some of the country’s most celebrated architects and designers. These include a range of homewares by Danish midcentury greats such as Finn Juhl and Paul Kjaerholm, as well as objets by more contemporary talents, including wooden animal figurines by Bjarke Ingels (a panda) and Nikolaj Klitgaard (an owl). The collection of sculptural items are imminently giftable and ageless, made of high-quality marble, brass, and walnut.