A single edition of a parrot photographed from behind.
Courtesy Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman’s Exquisite Pictures of the Natural World, Newly Editioned

By Aileen Kwun
December 7, 2019
1 minute read

Capturing the exquisite beauty of the natural world—flora and fauna, various walks of humankind, animals (or, more correctly, creatures), the cosmos, much of it photographed in arresting and hyperreal detail—is a signature of the photography work of The Slowdown co-founder Andrew Zuckerman, who’s just launched a new online store of limited-edition prints and works. Though his subjects may come directly from a natural order, his strikingly rigorous compositions are the result of a set of complex technical feats only afforded by modern technology. Minimalist in form and largely presented against a stark backdrop, Andrew’s works ponder and celebrate through a clear-eyed lens the enormity and diversity, not to mention fragility, of life on Earth—and beyond, in the case of his Apollo series of pictures.

Long wishing to democratize his work and make it more accessible, Andrew has at last produced a newly editioned selection of his photography as a series of 16-by-20- and 20-by-20-inch multiples, with an easy-to-ship framed option. In addition, the store features a variety of giftable objects and products, including kids’ games, skateboards, a one-of-a-kind Globetrotter suitcase, a special-edition guitar pick, and packs of tomato seeds that were sent to space by NASA aboard the 1984 Challenger.